Wednesday, 14 September 2011

MSFW- To the week that was...fashionable and sleep deprived!

To say I woke up excited on the morning of the 2nd of September would be a slight understatement. There was a definite good feeling in the Melbourne air.
The sun was shining, which was a nice change of late, there was a crispness about but not enough to warrant a chill upon rolling up the sleeves on your jacket.

And the city was abuzz with fashionistas who were making last minute adjustments to their outfits.
Why? The launch of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week of course and an invite to the VIP event.

Held at Georges on Collins Street, the space was transformed to house the beautiful people of Melbourne and the designers who design for them.

Greeting you at the door, were what I originally thought were mannequins until upon closer inspection, found them to be cloaked models, who later in the night let down their capes to party in some more fashionable clothes.

I sensed this model was waiting patiently to release her cloak...

And for the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle to officially welcome on stage the face of the festival Sophie Van Den Akker

and well worth the wait! She absolutely dazzled in her beaded gown. If the stage had not seemed beautiful enough, the ambassador for MSFW Danni Minogue took to it...

and posed for photos by people in awe that they were in the same room as a Minogue!
Yes, I'm one of them!

With official speeches out of the way, the crowd was left to mingle to the beats of the DJ

And admire each others outfits and try to not get caught in the crossfire

While dining on miniature food and drinking Laurent-Perrier champagne and Cointreau Blush cocktails

It's not all glamorous though- standing all night balancing on heels is hard work, but someones got to do it, and I was very happy to...

because at the end of the night, a lonely couch in the corner becomes a fashionistas refuge where she can gather her strength, pick up her goodie bag and look forward to the week that was about to begin!

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