Monday, 26 September 2011

Highlights of MSFW- RMIT Student Runways

By the sixth day of MSFW, tiredness had set in on a whole new level. I thought if I had to rustle up one more outfit and run for another train to catch yet another runway show, I was going to collapse on my heels. But then this was a show with a difference, and my energy started to peak, as did the crowds in the foyer before the show.

The RMIT Student Runway show had already garnered some interest due to the PETA protest earlier in the week, but I knew that we would be in for some fresh and innovative fashion. Perhaps not all of it you can strut down the streets of Melbourne in while running your errands, but fashion is also about flair and creativity and sometimes it is just nice witnessing that craft and imagination come to life on the runway.
And that we did.

Amelia Agosta

Laura Hui Shan Li

Helen Pappas

Remie Cibis

Franca Sabatini

Bradin Younan-Sangar

Stephanie McPherson

Emmarose Kinsman

Candice Majoos

Candice Majoos

Carolina Barua

Jon Cordiano

Chris Ran Lin

Simone Agius

Rose Brinkley

Rose Brinkley

Grand Finale

Grand Finale

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