Wednesday, 28 September 2011

MSFW Emerging Designers Exhibition

Part One

As I have already mentioned, more than once I might add, there were so many highlights of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week for me, and when I have had a bad day since then, I like to look back fondly on that week and it always makes me smile to think of the energy, creativity and fashion that was in the air. Enough to make a Gadabout grin like a Cheshire cat.

Mid week, and after getting up incredibly early to attend the MSFW Business Seminar Breakfast, I had time to kill between some retail therapy and seeing one of the Men Of Fashion films at acmi. So, what better way to fill the gap than on another fashionable activity, only in exhibition form. 
Found at the 1000 Pound Bend Cafe was the Emerging Designers Exhibition that featured 12 designers, and to my delight, I was allowed to photograph it and thus deliver it to you, should you have not been so lucky to see it for yourself.

What got me interested was the detail, and there was a lot of it. Pleating, embroidery, lapels, origami like shoulders and cut out fabrics.I found myself leaning in close to each piece studying the design, materials and technique that I almost forgot where I was, each outfit transported me to another place. When I finally did leave the space, I felt energised and uplifted by it. 
Made me want to hit my sewing machine!In a good way!

Part Two to follow...

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