Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Street Spotting-80's Rock and Colour Pop

I really do meet the nicest people Street Spotting. It is a strange thing stalking your subjects before having the courage to ask them to be photographed, and it's another to have them pose in a crowded shopping centre. But I had two very obliging and happy participants with these two who I could not take my eyes off until I finally interrupted their conversation for some snaps. Shopping centres at the best of times can be bland and the clothes themselves in the shops as well as the wearers frequenting them, can begin to all look the same. So, it was rather refreshing to my 80's aesthetic when sitting down for a coffee to see colour explode before my very eyes! I felt like I had entered the film 'Desperately Seeking Susan' (an absolute favorite fashion film for me) with the printed jacket and lace top with the cross necklace, bright hues and striking hairstyles, it was more like costume dressing, creating characters and evoking that mood, which I absolutely love to do myself, and I commend them on being so brave to wear their outfits out in the suburbs with such confidence. It made my day, and I'm glad I made theirs. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Street Spotting: Layering Colours & Print

When you live in Melbourne you know that you can't necessarily get dressed in the morning by looking out the window and seeing what the weather is doing- as it will change at least 4 times throughout the day, you have to be prepared. Case in point over the weekend when I hastily put out a load of washing in the sunshine, blue sky, wind. Yes, what was I thinking when a mere 10 minutes later it was grey sky, wind and rain. But I digress. To survive Melbourne, it is all about the layers. And putting them on and off throughout the day. Making them a colourful assortment is half the fun. Strolling down the street, I immediately noticed the colour combination of this outfit and stopped to capture it. It certainly pops mixed together and I love the contrast with the black & white patent shoes. A print is always a good way to jazz up an outfit by giving a focal point, as does a great accessory like her belt which breaks up the outfit and gives her a good shape. How many layers and colours can you cram into one outfit? (Yes- that's a challenge- go for it!)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Street Spotting- These Boots are made for walking

You can't go wrong with great boots. And in this case- great cowboy boots! In a gorgeous red colour nonetheless. I absolutely loved them and it's nice to hear peoples stories about their favourite item of clothing or shoes and the story behind them. I loved the styling of her outfit with the three bold leather pieces of her boots, brown belt and brown leather bag, teamed with a casual skirt and striped t-shirt. And especially love the pig-tails and large sunglasses.