Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Street Spotting

I spotted (pardon the pun) this gorgeous girls retro dress as I was crossing the road and couldn't help but think how modern and timeless it looks in today's landscape. We had a lovely chat on the sidewalk about fashion and what I deemed as style, and I think she fit the bill perfectly. Style is something that comes from the wearer and the clothes bring it out, but the clothes should never wear you. Unfortunately, I see so many women who buy off the rack and are allowing a trend the wear them and their own personality is getting lost in the mix.

Simply elegant and such a flattering cut that shapes her body beautifully.

Love the pussy bow- the only accessory needed for this dress.

A classic shoe to cap off the outfit.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Street Spotting

I spotted this lovely gentleman at the GPO and was drawn to his outfit for the clean crisp line to it, attention to detail and with his dark sunglasses, he looked like he could be a character in a film.

Love the pocket detailing on the jacket.

Those sunglasses are amazing! You could certainly hide a late night behind those, and they really suited him and the outfit so well by adding a touch of mystique and balancing out the black from his pants, shoes and bag.

Love a good stripe shirt, kept simple buttoned up, no need for a tie, it works well with the fine stripe of the jacket and accessorised with a contrasting print handkerchief perfectly arranged in the jacket pocket. 

A black satchel and polished shoes cap off the outfit.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

What's happening down south James?

A gift from GT makes it to the feet of dapper James

I was so excited when the other day I got a text in the morning from my lovely friend James to say that he was finally launching the Richard James Savile Row socks I bought for his birthday a few months ago. I felt I wanted to add to his vast and eclectic sock collection, especially since I benefited from photographing them. But I was a little concerned that I had not seen them on his feet as yet. He assured me he loved them, but needed to wait for the right time and outfit to launch them. That only made it more exciting in a way, waiting for that special day when I would finally see them worn. I actually rather like the special emphasis on gifts and wanting to pick the right moment to wear them, it makes the giver feel a bit more special. And here's the end result. What do you think? A good colourful addition to his sock drawer?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Street Spotting

Stand out from the crowd!

Great statement bag offering another colour to the outfit with a splash of red.

A simple yet elegant vintage style scarf ring and scarf, over a basic denim shirt makes the outfit pop.

Can't go wrong with a pair of great sunglasses.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Street Spotting

I actually felt like a real stalker when I spotted this lady on the street. She was talking on her mobile phone when I walked past, so I loitered behind her and chased her down before she got in her car,whisked her onto the footpath and did some quick snapping.

I loved that there was a real playful energy in the way she put her outfit together, and her warm smile can attest to that. She had a great mix of accessories to accent the two main colours of her outfit.

She just had to smile as I said- wait- one more- I need to get your elephant earrings!

Check out her funky shoes, for a very funky lady!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Street Spotting

Where the gold shoes lead you...

Walking down a city lane-way during a busy lunch hour, when one sees a pair of gold sparkly shoes and stockings whizz by, you take notice and follow them to see who the wearer is!
She was hard to catch up with, but so glad I did, as she just glowed beautiful energy.

Love the soft pale blue offset by the textural gold.

A simple statement necklace really caps off the outfit.

The crimped hair really suits the ethereal look she has captured.

I believe that each day is an opportunity to play a different character through clothes, and you may not be the same character the next day, therefore, it is important to honour and capture it. Thankfully, this gorgeous lady allowed me to do so, and it put a sparkle in my day.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Street Spotting

I spotted Elizabeth walking down the street and noticed her beautiful golden locks of hair peeping out from her beret. She is an amazing representation of retro style and glamour in a classic and tasteful way that brought me such joy to see. Little did I know that she was in town to celebrate her birthday that was a few days ago. She confided in me her age, which I shall keep a secret, but lets just say, she is an inspiration and I hope to look just as good at her age. Her advice was to surround yourself with lovely people. They don't give that tip on age defying creams- but I'd say she's on to something there.
She was an absolute delight to photograph, and Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth! x

Beautiful delicate detail on her blouse, with well co-ordinated accessories.

She is wearing a 'G' watch! How can I not love it!! Now how to squeeze the letter 'T' into it!