Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Anyone seen what had happened to the packing tape?

Well, it is suspended two metres high dangling from the Flinders Street Amphitheatre in Federation Square in Melbourne.

With an Australian premiere and the first in the southern hemisphere, revolutionary Viennese/Croatian artists from Numen/For Use have come up with what I would call the most exhilarating and childlike interactive art installation. Art you can crawl through! How often can you say that?

Climb up the ladder and into a glowing womb to explore and slide along, all with the knowledge in your mind that you are being held up by regular packing tape, self-extinguishing tape and multiple layers of the transparent adhesive. A "comforting" thought, but one that did not seem to factor in for the willing participants who, as grown ups, suddenly immersed themselves in the experience and had a good time doing it. That is the beauty of creativity and the way people share in it and express it.

What struck me about being under this suspension is the fact that it was silent, the sun was setting and there was this large omnipresence that glowed in the lights and everyone around was smiling and taking photos. The peak hour traffic and the hustle and bustle of workers were scurrying along aiming to make their train home, but for a few curious souls, we were in a world of our own.

And there was always the light at the end of the packing tape tunnel!

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