Friday, 7 September 2012

MSFW Designer Series-Runway 2- Prints, Colour and plenty of it!

More Spring fashion graced the runway with the second designer series for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I will be splitting this into two posts as there was just too much fashion to choose from and my sleep deprivation is making me a lousy tough editor. But the more fashion the merrier-right? Styling for this show was done by one of my favourite stylists Kate Gaskin and once again, she didn't disappoint. 
Arthur Galan AG
ARTHUR GALAN AG opened the show with strong silhouettes for women in suits, prints and bold colours and good sun protection- or should I say spotlight protection for the models with futuristic looking eye wear. Men's suits were in Spring colours of pale blue and light grey's giving a fresh light feel.
ABOVE gave us a lot of sheer and brought the apron to the runway. Yes- you heard me! Great way to add layering though without the bulk. Exquisite detailing gave the pieces a fresh modern feel and I loved the use of colour and plant-life. Though I wonder how you would water all those little plants without spilling it on your dress? Sorry. Am I being too practical? 
Carly Hunter
CARLY HUNTER felt very retro to me with dresses with long clean lines and jump suits that make  me wish I had a models height to pull it off in gorgeous shades and prints. I wanted to run onto the runway and rip off the earrings the model was wearing- so in love with them! 
Alice Euphemia
ALICE EUPHEMIA delivered pieces that were mod, sporty, feminine and on trend with great bold colours and prints with styles to suit just about anyone. Or if you are like me, many styles to suit one person!
End of Part 1...stay tuned for Part 2

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