Saturday, 16 March 2013

Moomba Madness!

March has really kicked off in full swing. It really is March Madness! I can't believe it is already the middle of the month and there is so much in my diary it looks like a mess, I sometimes just need to close it from fear of being overwhelmed! All that coupled with having to cope with a record heatwave here in Melbourne of 9 consecutive days over 30 degrees! Sleep has been an elusive dream and I am yet to catch up on it.
Ahhh...So when life gets manic, and the heat drives you mad- what better way to spend some time than at the Moomba Festival which was last weekend and spans over 4 days, including Monday which was a public holiday here in celebration. So every night would be spent at ACMI watching a fashion film from the Deeper in Vogue season, thrilling me senseless with all the costumes and creativity and then walking out to the banks of the river to the electric carnival sounds and lights and the hot humid air. Now anyone that knows me well enough will know that I am a bit of a fireworks freak! I love them! And I will go to just about anywhere that they are happening and Moomba had them 3 nights in a row! So I of course went 3 nights in a row! Even going so far as sitting by the banks of the Yarra River for an hour in the heat in order to get the best view of it and it certainly paid off! Nothing like having colourful explosions over your head while twinkling star dust trickles down! It just brings out the big kid in you and reminds me of when we used to go to the Moomba festival when I was just a little kid. Well, I'm still a big kid at heart so I went for a ride on the Ferris wheel, mainly also because it allowed me to be right up close with the magnificent palm trees which is another one of my great loves! That was the extent of my rides bravery, though I did enjoy watching other brave humans being flung about at great heights by daring rides and not even looking fazed by it. Though one girl did come off a ride holding her mouth for dear life, or perhaps holding back her dinner! It was pure escapism, watching the atmosphere, listening to great bands and chatting to carnies who tell such great stories to put a smile on your face. So sleep deprivation, heat, hunger- all that gets left behind when you are in the magical world of Moomba!

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