Sunday, 17 March 2013

Get interactive with ETSY

If you are in Melbourne at the moment, you might be aware that a certain fashion festival by the name of LMFF-Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival begins tomorrow. But what you might not know is that there is more to the calendar of events than just runway shows. ETSY, the world's handmade market place has presented an interactive space in Federation Square in the Atrium in conjunction with LMFF which brings together some of Australia's handmade sellers showing off their wares to the public.
It's a great way to enlighten consumers that they can buy local fashion handmade by one of ETSY's many sellers in Australia, for we are a crafty bunch! In a world of fast, disposable fashion, it's great to be able to purchase a fashion item that someone has handcrafted and is not on mass, making it that extra special. If you haven't checked the space out already, do have a wonder down. The next thing you know is you'll want to go on line and have a look at a sellers shop and purchase an item! And you can do it instantly, all from your phone with an ETSY app! How's that for convenience!


  1. Hi there,

    Beautiful pictures, did you know any of the artists featured in the exhibition?

    1. Hi Monica, thank you for the complement. I knew of a few of the artists featured but was excited to learn of more local talent. Love your necklace and congratulations on having it featured! I wish you continued success with your shop and creativity! Thanks for stopping by, GT x