Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter everyone! Well the day is almost over here in Melbourne and I'm relaxing in an easy chair wearing comfortable clothing to allow for the enormous consumption of food eaten today to not get its revenge on me! After all the preparations,decorations, baking, watching yeast rise and filling the house with the aromas, then eating the results and deciding which cute bunny rabbit chocolate you are going to unwrap and eat, then feel guilty for eating it- can be rather exhausting work indeed! We had a taste of all seasons here with a cool, cloudy morning, rainy afternoon followed by breaks of sunshine that allowed for a nice long nature walk to stretch the legs and stop and sniff the flowers along the way. I hope wherever you are that you spent the day in good company, great food and in peaceful relaxation looking forward to new beginnings, and a new month on our doorstep! xGT 

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