Sunday, 12 February 2012

Summertime DIY

I'm a bit of a crafty girl- in a good way I tell you, and the summer season is usually spent indoors on sweltering days in front of the sewing machine whipping up a cute summer dress, skirt or top. I recently came across one of my favorite quotes by John Wooden- 'Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do', in this case, my funds to go shopping for new clothes may be low, but that does not stop me creating some of my own. Thrifty is my middle name!

I was lucky to receive an addition to my fabric haul as a Christmas present from my good friend James in this gorgeous candy coloured striped fabric, wrapped in a pretty bow. The yellow striped fabric is actually from IKEA and is a very sturdy cotton which will form the basis of another DIY cushion project.

Last week I received another beautiful gift of fabric by the gorgeous blogger Cecylia who wanted to encourage my creativity, and it sure did work a treat. It turned into a dress that I wore to the Couturing Launch.

Fashion ideas can come from all sorts of places. This printed fabric is a craft piece from Big W that I plan on turning into a shell top and team it with a denim skirt for a bit of a rockabilly look.

No secrets here that I love my three S's- SPOTS- STRIPES- STARS. And when you happen to have nail polish to match- Bonus!

This fabric I turned into a pair of leggings that command a certain amount of attention every time I wear them. They are my all time favorite DIY piece to date and I was so excited when cleaning out the fabric stash to discover I have another small piece left that I will incorporate into a top. I love it because it reminds me of magazine covers. Very fashion! 

What DIY projects take your fancy and do you sew by the seasons, mood or necessity? Whatever the reason, it sure is an amazing experience seeing a piece of fabric transform before your very eyes. 

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