Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Self Branding

Allow me to introduce myself again- in ink! No, I was not brave enough to go out and get a tattoo for three reasons- money (lack of), I'm a chicken (don't like needles of any form) and I change my mind too much (yes, I'm a Gemini), so I don't like the idea of a permanent accessory stuck to my skin. I do love tattoo's (my favorite show is Miami Ink- go watch it) and believe they are an amazing art form, but for me, and the reasons I just mentioned, this is the next best thing- and it comes off in the shower!
A self inking stamp!

I ordered this stamp to use for my accessories business (of the same name) and when it arrived, I thought what better way to promote it, then to wear it as an accessory itself! Plus, you can style it up with other accessories too! It also helps to introduce yourself at events and parties when people only know you by your Twitter name, all with just a flick of the wrist!

So the next time you are bored or having an afternoon slump at the office, why not amuse yourself with some stamps. My personal favorites used to be 'Void', 'Draft' and 'Processed'. The ink levels on those might have suffered a bit. But a lot of fun. 
What would you stamp yourself with? Get stamping!

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