Monday, 27 February 2012

The Last Days of Summer

It's sad to think that time really does fly when it is the warmer months. Summer always feels like a blur, whereas Winter seems to drag on forever! Sometimes, it's not until we stop and look back and reflect that we can truly appreciate some good times that were had with the warmth of the sun on your back. With officially only 3 days left of Summer here in Melbourne (although today is a  taste of what's to come with grey skies and rain- post heat wave)I thought I would share with you some images of what Summer was for me and hope it gets you thinking about your fun times.

Discovering my favourite thing- spots- on the ground while on a beach trip! Can't beat those two colours together as well!

This Summer I kept finding things on the ground in front of me, like little presents the pavement is trying to give me. This gorgeous flower came on a day I needed an uplift, so it was much appreciated.

On a night walk, I also discovered these discarded thongs on the footpath- the absolute symbol of Summer. I wonder why the wearer chose to go on without them? 

This Summer I enjoyed playing with accessories and mixing things up a little. That included my vast nail polish collection, because sometimes the choice on which colour you wish to stare at for at least a week is hard enough- so, why not just add them all!

Rediscovering shoes you bought in the Winter and haven't worn yet,the joy of shopping in your own closet!

Afternoon pick me ups- fresh home made smoothies with striped straws!

Home made berry ice-cream without the guilt you are eating additives. And gluten free! So delicious!

Lazy Sunday brunches of home made pancakes to indulge in with the Sunday papers and fresh coffee, while not having to rush off anywhere on a schedule.

Seeing everything in full bloom, full colour and enjoying watching nature do its thing.

Walks and swims at the beach, breathing in sea air, eating seafood meals and watching the cruise ships roll into town pretending you're in an episode of The Love Boat.

Sensational sunsets that are unimaginable especially after a humid storm.

Learning to find happiness in the smallest things in life.

Enjoying the late afternoon sun before daylight savings disappears.

Discovering an Autumn leaf in front of you, realising that all things must change, including the seasons. And with that...

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