Saturday, 18 February 2012

Link This!

Have you got something really beautiful and precious to you tucked away somewhere in a drawer or hidden in a box? I think most of us do, for whatever reason be it lack of space, necessity or saving it for a rainy day. Well my beautiful collection of vintage cuff links hadn't been seen or used since I cast them in a film I made, yet I love them dearly. Not owning a shirt myself that can be used for cuff links, they continued to remain hidden in my drawer until one day...

I discovered them again at the back of the drawer and pulled them out to have another look. I love the way they feel and the sound they make as they rub up against each other. From the corner of my eye caught my attention a gold chain that I bought from a jewellery supply store with the intention of doing something with it one day. Well, this was the day. I attempted to thread the links through the chain and to my delight, they just fit! So, one by one I added the three sets and tried it on. Presto! Instant jewellery without having to leave the house to buy it!I have now even cleared space in my drawer, and used up another item waiting in limbo. I like even laying it on my diary on my desk to look at it as a pretty object- even spent the day doing housework in it!

Surprisingly, it goes with many outfits in my wardrobe, but I just love the simplicity of a black blazer jacket, a striped t-shirt and a bit of bling to set me on my way! What do you have lying around that can be transformed and given a new lease on life? I'm sure you can come up with wonders. Set yourself a DIY challenge!

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