Sunday, 18 May 2014

Eurovision rises like a phoenix!

Image source here Eurovision winner-Conchita Wurst from Austria

Hello my lovely Gadabouts! Well as they say how time flies, I sure didn't think it would fly by so fast that it would be so long between my visits here. My apologies for being absent in the blogosphere, but rest assured, my fingers have been well rested and are looking forward to tapping on the keyboard more often. I trust you have all been well and keeping yourself amused with my previous posts, but I could not let an occasion like Eurovision pass me or you by.
It is after all something I look forward to every year for the music, the spectacle, the beards and of course, the fashions! And add this year the urgent need for toning up while singing with gym equipment featuring prominently on stage. Who knew! Multitasking took on a whole new meaning! 

Oh I surely was not disappointed with this lot- yes I would have preferred there were no economic crisis that prevented some countries from performing this year, which unfortunately cut short the entertainment for us all. But those that did perform, gave it their all-and those that didn't clearly couldn't afford to win and did all they could to guarantee they didn't! Something about a song about baking a cake? Hmm...

This years Eurovision was a year of firsts! After many years of wishful thinking, talk and here say, Australia was able to participate more than by just watching a delayed telecast. We were represented on the Eurovision world stage by our very own Jessica Mauboy who sang the song Sea of Flags, waving the flags for Australia and all our fans tearing the house down. It was a great moment and one I'm sure she'll never forget. I wonder if they will have us back again next year?

As too I'm sure it was a memorable moment for the winner Conchita Wurst of Austria who stood as a lone figure on stage, commanding attention- not just for the fact she was sporting a beard and a gorgeous frock, but for the powerful and emotive song she sang with conviction. The music and arrangement were fit for a James Bond movie soundtrack and was reminiscent of the greats like Shirley Bassey. I was so pleased she was crowned the winner, very deserving and that Europe demonstrated their open mind by seeing beyond the physical and awarding her the greatest honour- winner of the Eurovision song contest. 

Coming in second were The Common Linnets from the Netherlands, a duo on stage facing each other with their guitars singing a song. Simple, beautiful harmony and no tricks, gimmicks, exercise equipment or breasts heaving out to score a vote. You heard me Poland! Amazing. A song contest rewarding a song. As Eurovision seems to follow the trends of the previous winner (insert all of a sudden singers are barefoot on stage!)I can't wait to see what will happen next year! It could get very hairy indeed! 

Image source here Conchita Wurst grabs hold of the trophy

Image source here Conchita shines
Image source here UK 
Image source here Netherlands 
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Image source here San Marino 
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Image source here Australia's Jessica Mauboy
Image source here Australia's Jessica Mauboy
Image source here Emmelie de Forest, Eurovision 2013 winner performs at Eurovision

Conchita Wurst-Winner of Eurovision 2014-Austria

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