Monday, 2 December 2013

Summer fun on the horizon

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Hello peeps! Long time between posts for me. There has been way too much going on in my brain so I thought I would spare you all the outlook into that and concentrate on trying to tick off my mega to-do list. 

I always like to stop and reflect though on the changing of the seasons. We here in Australia just celebrated our 1st day of Summer yesterday-and it sure was hot indeed! Today it is going to be 36 degrees and I'm already wondering what it was I had against cooler weather? Yes- you get more done because you are not collapsing wishing you were sitting under a palm tree with a cool drink in hand!

But Summer does offer up the opportunities to indulge in creative endeavours- writing, sewing, making jewellery are all great to do during heatwaves and usually when I produce most of my work. So I'm looking forward to creative outbursts, balmy evening walks smelling the flowers and patting some tired hot cats along the way, leisurely swims to cool off and continuing to enjoy eating raw, fresh cooling food-saving on turning the stove on and the washing up! Win win!! 

I hope wherever you are that you are excited about this seasonal change, the countdown to epic Christmas and the reflecting on what the new coming year can bring.

If you feel like you'd like an escape from the hustle of the shopping centres and want to find something unique, handmade and packed with love, feel free to come on over and visit my shop where I have been busy making gorgeous accessories to grow not only my own large collection, but to help yours along too! You can find me here- gtgadabout

In the meantime, keep cool-or warm wherever you may be and Happy December!

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