Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cannes the magnificent

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As the Cannes Film Festival comes to a close, and the best and worst dressed lists are being analysed, deals have been made, films have been watched and hair has been blowing in the breeze, so too dresses as photographers all hustle to grab a winning shot. The standard was high this year, with both men and women dressed impeccably, but for me, it was the women of a certain age who stole the show. Namely Joan Collins who at 80 years of age, showed that if you take care of yourself-age has nothing to do with it! She held those photographers attention as much as any young starlet walking the red carpet. So good to see amongst Sophia Loren and Jane Fonda! They truly are in inspiration on how to live your life! Bravo!

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Image source here Naomi Watts
Image Source here Cate Blanchett
Image source here Aishwarya Rai
Image source here Blake Lively
Image source here Nicole Kidman
Image source here Joan Collins
Image source here Sophia Loren
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Image source here Kylie Minogue, Lara Stone & Jane Fonda
        Image source here Elena Lenina & Sonia Rolland
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Image source here Dita Von Teese
Image source here Monica-Bellucci
Image source here Dolan
Image source here Jessica Chastain
Image source here Cheryl Cole
Image source here Marion Cotillard
Image source here Jon Kortajarena
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