Monday, 16 June 2014

It's all in the sign!

Marilyn Monroe-Image source here
OK. So indulge me in a moment of narcissism. It was my birthday on June 1st, and I often think about who are all the other people I share the day with. We like to think it is just 'our' special day, but there are thousands of other people sharing in 'your' special day. After all, each day has certain attributes and qualities associated with them, and as a Gemini, well, we are after all a whole other story an an interesting mix. 

Just the other day, I was in a shop when I overheard it was the shop assistants birthday recently. I thought, oh, another Gemini- and started chatting to her, naturally. The conversation got more and more spooky as we discovered we shared a birthday a day apart, a first name that sounds almost the same, a pretty identical astrological chart and both of us talked about our struggle to stay grounded having no earth signs in our chart. I thought wow, it was like talking to myself with a whole new face on! 

So since people born the same day, or close to it can share astrological markers, that means there are more of us out there who feel, think and view the world as we do. That was strangely comforting, especially when at times you can feel like no one on the entire planet can get your innermost workings of the mind. Same too, when I read books or watch documentaries on celebrities born on my day, most famously Marilyn Monroe, I think to myself, oh, I do that, or, I get what she was on about there. It is a fascinating way of exploring self discovery through the traits of astrology. And yes, you may be reading this and thinking, oh what a load of cosmic twaddle! But it is hard to deny when each time I get frustrated by a persons actions, I look at their star sign and then think to myself- oh, that's just typical of that sign and can let it go or be completely amused by how their character is developed around their star sign, wittingly or unwittingly. 

So, below I have added some famous people who happen to share my birthday, and then some more famous Gemini's who have inspired me over the years. One thing that can be said for all of them- they all share multiple talents and fingers in many a pie. Gemini's hate to sit still and are easily distracted so they are always on the lookout for the next interesting thing to cross their path. So before I get distracted with this post, I will leave you here and ask that you do a little narcissistic exercise on yourself and see who you share your special day with. Trust me, it's fun and addictive! And a very Happy Birthday to all my Gemini friends out there as we are still basking in the Gemini Sun!

Ronnie Woods-Image source here
 Heidi Klum-Image source here
Morgan Freeman-Image source here
Alanis Morrisette-Image source here
Andy Griffith-Image source here 
Pat Boone-Image source here 
Jason Donovan-Image source here 
 Adam Garcia-Image source here 

And now for some other famous Gemini favourites-

Johnny Depp-Image source here
Angelina Jolie-Image source here
Alan Carr-Image source here
Joan Collins-Image source here
Nancy Sinatra-Image source here
Prince-Image source here
Nick Rhodes-Image source here
 Boy George-Image source here
Stevie Nicks-Image source here
Kylie Minogue-Image source here
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen-Image source here
 Image source here Lana Del Ray
Joan Rivers-Image source here
 Jamie Oliver-Image source here
Tom Jones-Image source here
Donald Trump-Image source here
John Wayne-Image source here
Clint Eastwood-Image source here
Errol Flynn-Image source here
Judy Garland-Image source here
Dean Martin-Image source here
Bob Dylan-Image source here
Paul McCartney-Image source here
Lenny Kravitz-Image source here
Lauryn Hill-Image source here
Che Guevara-Image source here
Helena Bonham-Carter-Image source here

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