Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Winter solstice, longer days and new beginnings

A calendar year has dates that etch time and give reason to pause or celebrate. June marks for me two of them, the 1st being my birthday which is almost like a mini New Year half way through to stop and think how the year is panning out. Then followed on the 21st of June with the Winter Solstice- the shortest day of the year, but the one that is rich with hope of what lies ahead as we crawl towards longer days willing those Spring buds to take shape as we remove our heavy literal and philosophical Winter layers.
There is a sense of excitement in the air, a feeling as a collective that we just might make it through those dark, bleak days that Winter may bring where we burrow ourselves indoors, needing firm prompting to leave the warm confines of our private nests. Well what Melbourne does well, is give you reason to leave your nest by putting on a Light in Winter festival to join as a community and celebrate the solstice. A free event for young and old to marvel at the light displays and warm yourselves by the campfire and enjoy some free music and warm drinks on offer. I had spent the day earlier catching up with a dear friend for lunch before making my way back into the city to re-ignite my love affair with my grand city. And she put on all the stops for me. All my favourite buildings were lit up in the most magnificent golden light as sunset was creeping in and I could not put my camera down for a moment, as too were lots of other people around, stopping to marvel at the light. I always think back to what a cinematographer friend would call it- Magic Hour- when the light was at its most magical before sunset with those warm orange/red glows that you just couldn't make up in editing believe me! I used the solstice as a powerful date to achieve a very long goal of mine, which I'm happy to say was born into the world that evening. No, I haven't hidden a child from you, but I have carried this little baby around with me for longer than 9 months, so it was a joy and relief to see it free from just my mind and thoughts and out in the world. I will share more on that in my next post which I'm very excited about. I hope wherever you are in the world, whether you celebrated the Winter or Summer solstice, you took the time for yourself to stop and reflect whether you are living the life you want right now, and if not, what steps can you take to get that bit closer to them. Too often we let time slip by without noticing it has even gone, it's nice to stop in the sun's warm glow every now and then and let the warmth fill your soul. 

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