Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Melbourne opens its doors once again with Open House 2013

I look forward to this calendar event every year as I like being a tourist in my own town. How often do you actually go exploring your own city, looking up at details of architecture, taking lots and lots and lots of photos? Well-actually, I do that all the time, but sometimes I see tourists get so excited about our city and yet others just walk along not noticing anything as we 'live' in it and take it for granted. Open House Melbourne is a great excuse to stop, look up and appreciate our wondrous city with fresh eyes and perhaps learn a little of its history along the way.
For me it was also a great weekend adventure as I'd been sick most of July and with a bad back- now I can add bad neck from looking up at the most glorious ceilings and light fixtures and city views. But, it was all worth it. The feet are sore, the legs tired, the camera full, but the next time you walk past a particular building you can stop and think, oh yes, that's where they did an archaeological dig and found the most amazing objects! See how much smarter you sound already! Have you been to an Open House in your part of the world? Did you enjoy what you discovered? 

My all time favourite Melbourne building that I have had the pleasure of being inside right to the top- The Manchester Unity. You can't beat that magnificent architecture!

You could almost be excused for thinking this could be Paris with the rooftop views!

 The magnificent dome in the Melbourne Town Hall

 How about the lighting! Sensational!

These were some great archaeological finds when a dig was done on the site of a building in Lonsdale Street. Amazing to see sewing supplies, dolls heads, crockery and what foods were eaten. Especially interesting to note that oysters were plentiful and cheap so that was their main diet! Oh to step back in time just for that!

The views from this building were nothing to be sneezed at either! 
 Look! Out to sea! I see ships!
 The bustle of a city seems so peaceful from great heights.

Another stop was the Myer Mural hall, a department store here in Melbourne with a stunning hall within it built in 1933 where you can have afternoon tea and fashion parades and events are held. Absolutely loved the art deco opulence and the art work on the walls depicting women of yesteryear. Those were some bustles! 

Last stop on the magical mystery tour was the Rendezvous Grand Hotel, built in 1913. It had undergone many incarnations over the years, but I'm glad the historic nature of the building and its interiors are in tact for us to admire and get sore necks over again adoring the great ceilings. 

Why not go out in your city and pretend to be a tourist in your own town and see what treasures you can uncover!

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