Thursday, 28 February 2013

Farewell Summer, its been fun!

Today is the last day of Summer here in Melbourne, but for all those on the other side of the world, you will be cheering the last day of Winter. Transitions of seasons are always an interesting time, I find it sad leaving Summer behind, feeling that carefree spirit of outdoors dining, reading a book under a tree and longer days and nights that seem like they can go on forever while wearing light clothes and leaving windows open fully to welcome in the warm breeze.
But as with life, you must embrace change, and so with it, we welcome in Autumn. Todays temperature was actually more like Winter, cold, rainy and overcast with the sun popping out briefly in the late afternoon. But Autumn is always a great time of year to explore baking, crafting, DIY and sewing projects and those knitting needles that beckon to create warm garments for those cooler days and nights. What are your favourite aspects of the seasons? 

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