Monday, 8 October 2012

On with the Show!

Sometimes being an adult can be hard and rather boring having to be responsible all the time. So, when those occasions get you down it's best to regress to childhood and take part in carefree activities like attending the Royal Melbourne Show. I don't have a memory of the last time I ever went to the show, but I'm informed that we definitely did go as kids, and every year I see the fireworks display and hear the music playing and the sound of people having fun. So, you might as well join them! The big lure for me was having the chance to spend the day with lots of wonderful animals and that was worth the entry in itself. All your cares seem to disappear when you are patting a warm, beautiful creature or hand feeding a sheep and feeling their mouth hoover down the food you held out for them. There was just nothing like it. Well, actually, patting a tiny Spring lamb while sleeping comes close, or watching them smile while looking into their beautiful eyes melts your heart. (Yes- and re-affirming why I'm a vegetarian!) When patting the Merino sheep, I thought, wow, this is the wool of some of my favourite clothes that kept me warm during the winter, so I made sure I gave them a big thank you on all our behalf. 
From this...
To this! Award winning wool!
'Hey! Somebody stole the wool off our backs! Oh well, at least Summer is on its way, we can feel the breeze now!'
And here's what you can come up with when using such beautiful natural fibres such as Alpaca wool.
They are such gentle creatures and make great pets! 
I wished I had a bigger backyard, I would take one of these home with me. Aren't they gorgeous! Actually, I would take 1 of EVERYTHING!
This gave me a great idea for a vertical garden, made out of pallets which are so cheap and you could even paint them pretty stripe colours. Great space saver for those with limited areas but big green thumbs!
Ah, something rather soothing about jams! Especially a whole cabinet devoted to them wrapped in pretty little gingham hats! 
Cabinets like these made me cry tears on the inside being a Coeliac sufferer and seeing such a display of delicious wheat! Oh how you taunt me so!
That's one way to jazz up your dining chairs with some colour!
You can't have a carnival without Hot Chips! It's just not right! So I did my bit.
Look at that pose! Work it!
I have never seen one of these in real life- only movies where I don't want to point out the fate of them! Amazing! Such grace swanning around the pen with those feathers hoisted up in the air.
As night falls, the rides really come alive with carnival atmosphere, even the seagulls got in on the act.
When we arrived at the show and saw this ride at the entrance and heard the screams coming off it, I certainly did not anticipate that I would conquer my fear of roller coasters but as the sun set, that's just what I did! And I think my screams made quite an impression to the staff as our carriage pulled up at the end so I just had to get a souvenir photo of my mouth wide open on the ride. Such an exhilarating experience that I figured life gives you more twists and turns, this ride only lasts a few minutes so I'm glad I bucked up and faced my fear- and lived to see the glorious fireworks display to end what was a great, fun day!
Can't wait for next year!

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