Saturday, 3 December 2011

Street Spotting

When I saw this guy on the street, I thought I had stepped out into another world, for his outfit most definitely stood out in a very unique way that I ran back and started trotting beside him to ask him if he would be photographed. 

I love anyone that puts thought and detail into an outfit, and there was so much detail in his, there had to be so many photos taken to capture them all, and each time I looked, I noticed something else.

I love how he has his jacket resting on one shoulder while the sleeve of his shirt is rolled up, giving two different looks.

Even the knot on his bag adds another detail to the outfit.

The white lace adds a softening touch with the gold skull and medallions.

Military style embellishment certainly dresses up an ordinary corduroy jacket.

Love the belt and belt buckle.

Nice touch adding bits of fabric wrapped around the legs contrasting the yellow tights. Funnily enough, I wore yellow tights on the day and he took a photograph of me while taking a photograph of him.

Beautiful flowers which match his shirt really suit him and his vertical hair.

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