Sunday, 11 December 2011

GT Gadabout- Where have you been?

Dear readers,
I must apologise for my absence from these pages. It has been a rather challenging week needing to take time off for my health coupled with the timing that my modem died, my Internet provider was let's just say, no help which has meant I could not bring you any stylish uploads. I hope to have this issue rectified within the week and hope you will come back and visit me over the coming days and see what I've captured for you. I value and appreciate each and every person who spends their time typing in my blog address anticipating something new and I truly enjoying bringing it to you and have felt off sorts not being healthy enough to do so. Having spent time re-grouping and recouping, I'm ready to hit the streets to seek out the stylish, unique and fashionable individuals of Melbourne! So stay tuned lovely folk, hope you have all been well and we shall be communicating again soon.


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