Sunday, 20 November 2011

What's happening down south James?

A gift from GT makes it to the feet of dapper James

I was so excited when the other day I got a text in the morning from my lovely friend James to say that he was finally launching the Richard James Savile Row socks I bought for his birthday a few months ago. I felt I wanted to add to his vast and eclectic sock collection, especially since I benefited from photographing them. But I was a little concerned that I had not seen them on his feet as yet. He assured me he loved them, but needed to wait for the right time and outfit to launch them. That only made it more exciting in a way, waiting for that special day when I would finally see them worn. I actually rather like the special emphasis on gifts and wanting to pick the right moment to wear them, it makes the giver feel a bit more special. And here's the end result. What do you think? A good colourful addition to his sock drawer?

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