Thursday, 3 November 2011

Street Spotting

I spotted Elizabeth walking down the street and noticed her beautiful golden locks of hair peeping out from her beret. She is an amazing representation of retro style and glamour in a classic and tasteful way that brought me such joy to see. Little did I know that she was in town to celebrate her birthday that was a few days ago. She confided in me her age, which I shall keep a secret, but lets just say, she is an inspiration and I hope to look just as good at her age. Her advice was to surround yourself with lovely people. They don't give that tip on age defying creams- but I'd say she's on to something there.
She was an absolute delight to photograph, and Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth! x

Beautiful delicate detail on her blouse, with well co-ordinated accessories.

She is wearing a 'G' watch! How can I not love it!! Now how to squeeze the letter 'T' into it!

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  1. wow great photos! I love the lady's drama brooch!! So cute!xx