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Dress yourself in red, white and blue-the Brits are coming to Acmi!

Image courtesy HBO
Spring is rolling around once more, and the annual way to celebrate it is with the launch of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week! And what better way to dress than in red,white and blue as we celebrate the newly fashioned film season at ACMI, curated by James Nolen, From Twiggy to Westwood-great British fashion on film. A highlight event in the MSFW calendar, and presented in association with MSFW and Great Britain Arts 13, each year we are presented with fashion films to highlight a week of runway festivities and cultural exhibitions, giving us time to pause and experience fashion from a behind the scenes angle, which is always far more interesting than what is presented front and centre on show.
James has curated a package paying homage to our British  creators,style icons and fashion dictators in 4 documentaries that are each inspiring, eye opening and offer a visual feast to the fashion hungry eyes. 

Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer Image courtesy ARTE,France
Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer, is a documentary celebrating 40 years as a designer showcasing his London studio and fittings for his shows, including Melbourne model Andrej Pejic modelling the Autumn/Winter 2011 mens collection. Paul sweeps through the globe and its varying cities riding his bicycle stopping to take pictures along the way recording inspiration in many forms. "You can find inspiration in everything. If you can't than you're not looking properly." Sir Paul Smith. As a special treat before the documentary is a screening of 2013/14 Autumn/Winter Paul Smith Collection keeping you right up to date with his designs. I highly recommend this film as it leaves you feeling light of heart and inquisitive of nature, and rather exhausted watching him look so fit in all that he does in his day! A true inspiration. 
British style genius:Breaking the rules-fashion rebel look  
Image courtesy of BBC Worldwide

I love a good rebel- so there's much to love in British Style genius which takes a look at maverick British designers such as Vivienne Westwood. We follow her journey and influence on other designers as she pushed the boundaries,forging a new era of individualism and catwalk style, a vision shared with the likes of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen who are also featured in this informative documentary. 

In Vogue:The Editors Eye Image courtesy HBO

As a very special treat, the premiere screening of In Vogue:The Editors Eye, will actually be a FREE screening! And what fashion lover doesn't love a freebie! I know! You can stop jumping up and down now and you DID read correctly! A behind the scenes insight with British head of Vogue Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington and Hamish Bowles as they celebrate US Vogues 120th birthday. Including interviews with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Jacobs, Alber Elbaz, Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Ghesquiere as well as current and former Vogue editors. Revealing insights into the magazine production both on and off the camera and how it all magically comes together, producing cover after cover, making Vogue the most respected name in fashion magazines. 
Twiggy:The Face of 66' Image courtesy of ARTE France
Another Australian premiere screening is Twiggy:The face of 66'. In swinging 60's London, a new face catapulted to international fame, encapsulating the era of carefree youth, Carnaby St and a generation of consumers with money to spend after the restraints and dreariness of War. Twiggy's androgynous look was a perfect fit for the time and place and inspired women all over with her short hair and short skirts and a devil may care freedom. She had the benefit of working with all the top photographers of the time, while also establishing her own teen fashion line. Hear from Twiggy herself as well as Biba store founder Barbara Hulanicki, Yardbirds musician Jim McCarthy, photographer Terry O'Niell, designer Zandra Rhodes and artist Nigel Waymouth. 
Image courtesy of ARTE France

I highly recommend squeezing in these films around your fashion festival calendar, they are a great highlight for me each year and not only give you wonderful insights into the business of fashion but the evolution and full circle that the fashion world often spins on. Not to be missed, so see you at the movies!

For more information, session details and screening times, check the ACMI website.

Click here for further information on the MSFW program. 

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