Thursday, 30 May 2013

The wonderful world of Cannes

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As another year folds at Cannes, deals are being finalised, worst and best dressed lists are being composed, actresses are ringing up their stylists in hysterics, a few champagne sore heads and the red carpet gets rolled up, it is always fascinating to see what hype gets created out of the season. It seems to me that this year, the fashions and apparent poor taste in hairstyles dominated the fortnight as opposed to the films that were being showcased on the big screens.
It has always been a bit of a spectacle, and that's half the fun and the lure for people to be in attendance and be seen, to be photographed by the tuxedo swarm of photographers. But behind all the glitz, the glamour, the jewels escorted by bodyguards, there is a serious side of negotiating, money exchanging hands and producer/directors hopes and dreams on the line. But before I enter into a rant on what I think of the hype surrounding Gatsby and the man that's responsible for such a mess, let's focus on the fashions shall we. The weird, the flamboyant, the shiny and the revealing, wonderful world of Cannes!
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Fan Bingbing Source here
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It's all about the hair this year with Elena Lenina Source here
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Mallika Sherawat Source here
Sonam Kapoor Source here
Aishwarya Rai Source here
Marion Cotillard Source here
Ziyi Zhang Source here
Kat Graham Source here                                                 
Kristen Scott Thomas Source here
Keith Urban rocks the red carpet with Nicole Kidman Source here
Julianne Moore performs more than one wardrobe malfunction Source here
Asia Argento offers up a greeting to the paparazzi Source here
The varying controversial hairstyles of Nicole Kidman Source here
Eva Longoria Source here
Audrey Tautou Source here
Nicole Kidman Source here
Fan Bingbing Source here
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Tilda Swinton Source here
Uma Thurman Source here
Zhang Zigi Source here
Cara Delevinge Source here
Solange Source here
Sonam Kapoor Source here

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