Saturday, 13 April 2013

The day history was made!

As I mentioned in my previous post, after years of wishing, hoping, signing petitions, having Tweet-a-thons and begging Warner Brothers to make a Veronica Mars movie- the day has finally come! Since 2007 when the last season aired, the fans have wanted this. Well today, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign ended, and all over the world fans united right up to the last second was counted donating whatever funds they had to see this dream come true!
When I woke up this morning to check on the numbers, we still had a while to go to break the record for the most amount of backers ever on a Kickstarter campaign. Not only did the number get reached, but Rob Thomas then had another number he wanted- to reach 90,909. Then I thought, can we do it? But still held out hope. This is Veronica Mars after all. Fighters till the end. Counting down the last few hours, I couldn't get much else done other than watch the computer and press the refresh button every couple of minutes. When we passed 90,909 and kept going, with a few minutes to spare, I had a number in my head which I wanted to pass, I wanted it to be $5,700,000! And right in the last few minutes, the numbers ticked over and I was screaming with adrenaline like watching a horse race come in! Elated, air punching with joy, followed by a happy dance to the Dandy Warhols- We used to be friends, I felt the collective joy of what can happen when you dare to dream, dream even the most imaginative thing beyond your comprehension and the power of the people- people who all share a love for these characters because we want something different. A win for the good guys. And that's a great feeling in a world full of injustice at every turn. You may think I'm taking this all a bit too seriously, if you followed me on Twitter the last few days you must have been annoyed that I was either tweeting about Cats or Veronica Mars- but, it was more a beacon of hope to me and what it stood for. It shines a light on so many struggling creatives out there who may feel like anything can be possible if you work hard, build your audience and never give up. It has given me a much needed boost, and I wanted to share it with you. Whether or not you are a fan, know little or nothing about the series or even the Kickstarter campaign, it's a great day for the generosity of human spirit and triumph of perseverance. 

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