Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Grandness of The Hotel Windsor at Open House Melbourne

As mentioned in my previous post, last weekend Melbourne hosted Open House 2012, an initiative where the general public are allowed access into restricted buildings or off limits areas within buildings. This is a once a year opportunity to explore your city for free and look at it from a different angle- quite literally and for me, always walk away with a greater appreciation and love for it. You may be wondering 'What has architecture got to do with fashion GT?' Well, in my opinion- everything! Good design can be translated to many things, but just like architecture and fashion, the facade  has to be appealing, perform some sort of function, while beneath it lies all the construction and detail holding it all together, just like a great garment does. I believe your environment also plays part in how your dress and the mood your outfit evokes. For example, exploring the great majestic and historic Hotel Windsor, with its wide hallways which was to enable the women with the full skirts to walk side by side gossipping with each other, made me think that you would have to up your game and dress accordingly in order to do your surroundings justice. It would not be the same to be strolling down the halls in thongs and jeans and a t-shirt. Hmmm, really not quite the same I'm sure you'll agree. Sometimes, great architecture or a venue inspires the outfit you will wear so I believe that just like great art, music, fashion, architecture- all these things influence each other. So it's nice to explore all facets and allow the inspiration to filter through in other ways. I was taken aback by the sheer luminous grandeur of the lighting fixtures alone in this hotel. It really helped set the mood that you were somewhere special. The use of stain glass which was taken out and one point due to it being 'unfashionable' and put back in years later (proving that style revolves around once more) and the detail in the paint work and carpets were exquisite. I hope you enjoy just a small taste of what lies behind the grand walls of Melbourne's Hotel Windsor.

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