Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Melbourne opens its doors and welcomes everyone in

Last weekend Melbourne opened its doors over two days to allow the general public a chance to sticky beak into buildings generally deemed off limits-for free. Open House is part of a global family initiative which includes countries such as England, USA, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Italy and Portugal who all participate by allowing the public a chance to explore the architecture and forbidden areas. Melbourne Open House 2012 is in its fifth year and has increased in the number of buildings available starting with just 8 in 2008, to 100 this year. It is a great opportunity to appreciate your city's architecture, history and take pride in your surroundings by understanding the architectural work that has gone into building our city. For an architectural nerd like me, it is a highlight in my calender year, and the most photographed weekend by far. The only time I see that many photographers is in a room full of bloggers at a fashion event! But there is a great spirit of inquisitive minded people who appreciate and respect architecture, students, children, elderly, something for young and old, and a great place to meet people and chat in the long cues. You need a few survival items to get through the day which starts from 10am-4pm. First and foremost is comfortable shoes, as you will be standing and walking for the entire day. (My pedometer went through the roof those two days!)Next, your program guide and a plan on which buildings you wish to see- and a plan B when you see the cues will be too long, and of course a camera to document it all-because there is plenty! Then you need to practise patience while you wait to enter the building, but the wait is always worth it, once you see the smiles on the faces of the group that just finished the tour. You knew you were in for something good. I thought I would share with you some of my highlights- granted this will have to take place over two posts as there is just too many. Melbourne also put on one of its famous weather shows this weekend with heavy rain, sunshine and even a rainbow was thrown in, so in some photos you see rain on the windows, followed by blue sky and sunshine. That's Melbourne! I hope you enjoy the scenic views as much as I did- of course nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes, but hope you enjoy looking at it through mine! Enjoy!
The views below are from the 33rd Floor of the building 50 Lonsdale Street Melbourne

The views below are from the Council House 2 Building- CH2 

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