Saturday, 16 June 2012

SPENCERLACY Pops Up To Delight The Senses

Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Melbourne womenswear label SPENCERLACY Style Lab, a new pop up store sensory experience aimed at enlightening the 5 senses in a retail space. For the brands first foray into a retail venture, they have done a great job in providing more than just clothes on racks, but a warm, welcoming space that offers the consumer something special.

For the sense of Touch- there was plenty to go around with garments beautifully displayed around the store. Great chunky knits that you would want to live in on a cold winters day, to patterned leggings and stretch pants as well as shirts with beautiful cutout back detail. I really love the colour palette of this collection as I think they are great basics you could easily incorporate into your wardrobe and would suit most complexions. I felt quite happy amongst them.
Guests had their sense of Smell uplifted with candles burning from Melbourne brand Plain & Simple while sounds came from the Style Lab soundtrack, which were exclusively mixed by Melbourne DJ Lauren Mac. It was a great atmosphere mingling amongst some very fashionable people enjoying great conversations.
A beautiful cabinet from Izzi and Popo who were in charge of our sense of Sight, fitted out the Style Lab with vintage furniture and bold pieces that certainly attract your attention upon entering the store. I felt I needed to introduce myself to our horned friend that watched over us from a great height. The cabinet was well stocked with bold statement pieces from Liberte. I had to divert my eyes from falling in love with too many things as everything in store is for sale, I mean everything, which can be hard for the wallet to comprehend. 
For our sense of Taste, we were in for a unique food experience. In the presence of chef Daniel Dobra from The Aylesbury it was an opportunity to pay attention to mastery and creation in its most mouth watering form, or should I say molecular gastronomy! Using liquid nitrogen to create chocolate mouse balls that were hard on the outside and smooth on the inside and these spoon fulls of Tzatziki and cucumber were so refreshing and it was a joy watching everyones face as they popped them in their mouth. Some very happy customers indeed.

My brogue partner in crime on the night was my fashionable friend James Nolen who was sporting these hot red brogues and blue pants and by coincidence I wore my silver brogues and red pants. Great minds really do shoe alike! Thought we made a nice pair.

For more information on SPENCERLACY, check out any of of the options below and if you are in Melbourne, make sure you pop in to their Style Lab at 124 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

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