Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Happy Hump Day!!

Happy hump day readers! Or what we in formal circles call Wednesday! Often this can be a hard day to get through. It's mid week, you still feel like the weekend is a while away and things keep piling up that need to be done. It is all too easy to get caught up in frustrations and stress in life, but not enough time is spent stopping, being still, enjoying your own company and reminding yourself of all the little joys in life that make you happy. I've included a few visual reminders on things that make me happy below. 

What are some of the things that make you smile to get you through the day?

Finding that someone has made the time to write a little note of positivity and stick it to an office block building for people to stumble on their way to work the daily grind makes me very happy inside :)

Finding that someone has left the most beautiful flower in front of graffiti in a lane way, matching the colour of the graffiti perfectly...

Discovering the tree you see everyday while waiting for your bus has suddenly produced the most beautiful deep red coloured flowers- revealing a secret of beauty from inside...

Stealing some time in your day to sit on the fake grass, soak up the sun with a good book and forget your cares as you get transported by someones words on a page...

And remembering, that even after what can sometimes appear to be a very dark day, that the sun sets on it and you have the chance to start all over again in the light!

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