Saturday, 20 December 2014

Have yourself a purr-fect Christmas and New Year!!

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Hello my lovely Gadabouts! Just wanted to give a quick message to say thanks for your readership this year, even though I haven't posted regularly, it has been a year of big changes, challenges, transitions and clutter clearing in all forms. How has your year gone by? I'm looking forward to creating 'space' in my life in 2015 and filling it with only what I truly value and love on every level! I encourage you to do the same and look at things that are causing you stress and eliminate them, as your life and your health deserve so much more.

Spend time in nature, hang out with animals, make yourself a loving meal and eat it slowly savouring every mouthful. Take deep breaths in and soak up every ray of sunshine and moonlight you can get. May your Christmas be a safe and festive occasion to spend surrounded by those you love and who are important to you and that 2015 will deliver a peaceful heart, a wondering spirit and a mind and body fit, healthy and up for any adventure life can take you! I look forward to seeing you in the New Year with a fresh new start!
Love to you all and a merry one! xgt gadabout

PS: The miracle of nature and Christmas is occurring right outside my window as a bird is busily building a manger for her to lay her young and I'm so honoured for the 2nd time in as many months, they have chosen my backyard to bring new life into this world! Such a blessing!

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