Sunday, 10 August 2014

For the love of Darcy

This is what I love about Melbourne. One minute you can be at the market interacting with strangers talking about health and their dogs, feeding the seagulls basking in the sunshine, then peruse organic products and then a quick walk into the city and a tram ride away, your in a whole new world. The world of Mr.Darcy.  

Now you all know who I mean right? None other than Mr.Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. A giant sculpture of him appeared into the freezing (poor Darcy) Docklands waters before he was whisked away to his more permanent residence at Ripponlea Lake. Depicting the famous scene in which Mr.Darcy dives into the lake fully clothed and once emerges, distracts us with his manliness, I must say, this sculpture was pretty life like. Many a female was cuing up to have her photo taken with him (including yours truly) it is sad he didn't stick around for much longer. I could imagine warm balmy evenings going for a stroll having him bop up and down in the water while we talk in posh accents to each other. I do hope for his sake, the weather warms up quick smart!

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