Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Let's go cruising!

About a week ago on a rather warm, yet overcast and humid Sunday, the start of the cruising season happened in Melbourne at Station Pier with the arrival of the first cruise ship to kick off what is a bumper season of cruise ships to dock in out port. Rather exciting for me as I am a cruise ship fanatic, but concerning as to how I am going to fit seeing EVERY ship in my schedule! But the first one is always indeed special as it also marks the beginning of the warmer months up ahead, strolls by the beach, seagulls trying to eat your fish and chips and breathing in long deep breaths of that beautiful sea air!
To the lucky travellers of these ships, they get to explore Melbourne, while we are all at the ship exploring its beauty! This particular one is Radiance of the Seas- and she did indeed live up to the name with her glorious magnitude! I can't help to always look out for Captain Stubing on deck and hope that Isaac would fix me a cocktail. Ah, sometimes life just does not measure up against great TV-especially when it's Aaron Spelling! Our own Spirit of Tasmania was docked at the same time and it always looks so dwarfed in comparison to the big cruise ships- never more so when the Queen Mary 2 glided into town, but on her own, she too is a beauty and I hope to one day finally step aboard and brave the rocky waters of the Bass Straight! But for now, I will experience it from the docks and share my joy with you guys! Have you been on a cruise ship? How does it stack up against air travel? Do tell-would love to hear your stories!

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