Monday, 16 July 2012

Street Spotting: Layering Colours & Print

When you live in Melbourne you know that you can't necessarily get dressed in the morning by looking out the window and seeing what the weather is doing- as it will change at least 4 times throughout the day, you have to be prepared. Case in point over the weekend when I hastily put out a load of washing in the sunshine, blue sky, wind. Yes, what was I thinking when a mere 10 minutes later it was grey sky, wind and rain. But I digress. To survive Melbourne, it is all about the layers. And putting them on and off throughout the day. Making them a colourful assortment is half the fun. Strolling down the street, I immediately noticed the colour combination of this outfit and stopped to capture it. It certainly pops mixed together and I love the contrast with the black & white patent shoes. A print is always a good way to jazz up an outfit by giving a focal point, as does a great accessory like her belt which breaks up the outfit and gives her a good shape. How many layers and colours can you cram into one outfit? (Yes- that's a challenge- go for it!)

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