Monday, 9 April 2012

Street Spotting

What I love about this great city Melbourne, is that on any given day, you can walk down the street and be visually excited by so many different looks and outfits. I was in such a rush when I turned around and noticed this girl who to me looked like she could have stepped off a film set. Must be my filmmaking background, but I love character dressing and my mind was already imagining a scene with her in it. I wasn't the only one as when I finished snapping her, I turned around to see a line of people with their camera phones out also photographing her.
Love that she co-ordinated her lipstick to her outfit.

The detail of the embroidery and woven ribbon with the netting skirt underneath is exquisite. Who says you can't mix blue with black?
Can't say no to a shoe with buckles- this has the works!


  1. Hello, I'm the girl in the picture ;) I'm very flattered that you liked my outfit. The style in particular is called Lolita, a little gothier than what would usually be considered acceptable for Lolita, but that's just me. I bought the boots from Victorian Gothic in Brunswick and ordered the dress from Surface Spell Gothic at Taobao, but it can be bought from the One Day in Paradise Lolita boutique in Brunswick. The black/blue colourscheme was inspired by Mana-sama, a famous Japanese Lolita designer and musician and his brand Moi-meme-Moitie.

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  2. Hello again! I'm so pleased I stopped to photograph you and I'm glad you like the post. Thank you for letting me know more about your outfit and inspirations. It always fascinates me to know what influences the way people dress- other than just following a trend. You certainly did stand out for me that day and thanks for providing visual stimulus for us passing by.